7 Amazingly Cheap Web Hosting Services

The market for hosting companies is widespread with the high demand among the public for a need of personal virtual space. This space comes in the form of websites under a domain. This is where these companies come in by providing background hardware in the form of servers that hold these websites.

Each company has made a name for themselves. With competition so high, each one of them constantly comes forth with new designs and schemes, like cheap web hosting, to gain the common folk’s attention. They do get attention but makes it difficult for us to choose. We often go into buying a hosting plan with the aim to find a cheap hosting plan.


To define the team ‘cheap’ is difficult so we start by looking at well-established web hosting with the lowest bid to gain a hosting customer.


Beating the competition in being the cheapest hosting, as of today, is this hosting company. The most basic fare of $1.99 is required for owning a shared hosting space with Ipage for your primary year. Not only are the prices low but with they provide their users with a good hosting experience…..[Read Review]


Currently running with an offer of $3.45, Bluehost is the best option today. This company has beaten all its competition and counted among the top ten web hosting companies in the world when it comes to service providing.  They are known to provide the best uptimes and high-performance server spaces…..[Read Review]


Though Fatcow is known to work well for the ones comfortable with the non-updated and older versions of programs and applications, it is still pretty popular for providing a wide range of breadth to lots of users in terms of service providence. All that now comes with a sale price of $49 per year currently…..[Read Review]


Inmotion has proved to be giving customers a tough time in choosing from above and inmotion. The initial monthly price that they offer is at $3.49 with free Storage Space Disk (SSD). That being said, it is also the case with this service provider that the domain name is not for free…..[Read Review]

A2 hosting

A reliable host with quality performance and good uptime, A2 web hosting is cheap, that is good in terms of its feature sets and customer support. It’s basic, shared hosting, plan is just for $3.92 for a monthly price for a packaged deal of initial year…..[Read Review]


Web hosting business involves a lot of background issues, owing to large servers and a large amount of heat generated. There are many in the business of green hosting but none like GreenGeeks, making it their first and foremost priority. The initial monthly price for a hosting plan with this company costs as low as $3.96…..[Read Review]


Namecheap is a rising star in the market of web hosting bagging some of the best reviews from its customers. At a yearly price of $9.88, they have this running offer while you initially sign up. They have many good features in this cheap package but owing domain is not one of them. This web host is currently neck in neck in one of the other good hosting…..[Read Review]

Some of the cheap web hosting is available today but to choose the best among them depends not only on the steep prices rather also on the features they provide with that low priced hosting. The above mentioned are the most reliable hosts in the market today providing standard features like unlimited disk space and free migrating ability.

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